Friday, May 24, 2013

Need Assistance Starting Your Small Business?

The Gulf Coast Small Business Development Center (GC MSBDC) assists individuals that are interested in starting small businesses. Services provided by the GC MSBDC are provided free of charge and include one-on-one counseling sessions and the Business 101 Series workshops.  

The Business 101 Series workshops, listed below, are offered at The Innovation Center on a monthly basis. For additional information, times/dates and registration you may call the GC SBDC at (228) 396-8661 or visit our website at

Monthly Business 101 Series workshop schedule:

Think Like an Entrepreneur  

Have a business idea? Wonder how to analyze the idea for revenue potential? This seminar helps entrepreneurs understand the processes to use to conceptualize and analyze a business idea into a business venture. Once an entrepreneur understands the process of analyzing a business venture, they are able to repeat the process until they find a successful business venture. The seminar is taught by a person who has analyzed hundreds of business ideas, and started and sold multiple businesses.

Starting a Business - First Steps   

Are you interested in starting your own business, but don't know where to begin? This seminar outlines the basic steps to start a business. Topics include: regulations such as licenses and permits; legal forms of business ownership; basic marketing concepts to help analyze the revenue potential; lending terminology; outline for a business plan and proper business setup.

How to Develop a Business Plan   

This seminar is designed to assist in preparing a business plan. The parts of the business plan are explained i. e. industry research, description of company products and services, identifying target customer groups and a marketing plan. Financial components discussed are startup costs and gathering information to prepare a projected cash flow statement.

Cash Flow Projections for your Business Plan

This seminar is designed to convert your written business plan into cash flow projection numbers. Topics covered in the seminar include: fixed vs. variable expenses, cash flow projections, sources and uses of funds statement, determining start-up working capital requirements for the business and the contribution margin ratio.

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